“The testimonials about the Virtual Inch are all positive.  Of course.  And so is this one. Carrie Anderson is The Virtual Inch and she is fabulous at what she does.   She has built two sites for me and both experiences were happy and graceful.

Carrie has a gift for combining her sense of humour and practical nature with great oodles of tech savvy.  She’s an icon of solid, dependable service and can make you laugh as easily as she can “wow” you with results.  She has amazing intuition about how to help people.

I found Carrie when I was in the midst of a website disaster. When I presented her with my broken site, Carrie rolled up her sleeves, dug in and figured out what was wrong.  She broke the bad news about my old site and then rebuilt an entirely new music teaching site for me in under 4 weeks.

It was astonishing.  That broken site (the one built by someone else just the year before) had taken 18 months to complete and the costs skyrocketed.  This would NEVER happen in Carrie’s world. In Carrie’s world, she means what she says and delivers what she says she will deliver at the price she says and everything works when she’s done.

In fact, working with her was such a confidence-building experience for me that when I decided to take my hobby blog and turn it into an online business, I called on Carrie again. She moved two years worth of blog posts into a new site, helped me think through some business possibilities with the site and continues to offer amazing service, beyond the building and maintenance of the sites.

Having a real professional build and manage the upkeep of both my sites makes my life sooo much more enjoyable.  I can focus on the creative aspects of my work and know that Carrie is tending to my website needs. I feel fortunate to have found Carrie as I’m sure all her clients do.  Carrie is a gem.”

Susan Seale | Make Me Musical! “nurture, heal and educate thru music, movement & creativity” | MakeMeMusical.com

“It’s challenging to write a concise testimonial when someone is as broadly talented as Carrie Anderson of The Virtual Inch.

Carrie not only developed – creatively and technically – the website for my coaching and consulting practice at KateSanner.com but also has provided assistance for ongoing projects such as my email newsletters and for larger projects such as my teleclasses and product launches.

Carrie is creative and incredibly tech savvy. She is detail-oriented and quality-driven, yet she gets the work done quickly. Carrie sets the bar high for herself and I believe her standards have helped me be more productive and efficient. She is responsive to my ideas and needs, but also suggests ideas and solutions – a synergistic recipe for success! .

As she states on her site, Carrie helps entrepreneurs create and maintain on online presence and implement eCommerce solutions that facilitate the growth of their businesses. I can unequivocally say that this has been true for me – my business has grown because of Carrie’s expert services.”

Kate Sanner | The Success Coach and Consultant for Women Solo Professionals | KateSanner.com

“As an independent author-publisher, I wear many hats. By maintaining the book’s web site, social media activity and on-line tasks, Carrie allows me the peace of mind to focus on other activities.

Together, the partnership has been the cause for success. But what’s best about working with Carrie? It’s her patience and good spirit.

James Redfearn | Author of ‘The Rising at Roxbury Crossing’ | TheRisingAtRoxburyCrossing.com

“We hesitate to write a testimonial only because we are selfish and want Carrie Anderson at The Virtual Inch all to ourselves!

Carrie was recommended to us as being at the top of her class with regard to her creative skill and ability to bring utmost functionality to any website she encounters. We teach meditation and intuitive development and it is important that we work with someone who can be pretty neutral about the entire subject as well as enhance our products. From the moment we talked with Carrie we realized she “Got us”! She understood how we desired to express our work to the greater community.

This type of work can be difficult to explain in a mainstream way to a public market and yet her inquiring questions assist us over and over again to create a framework in which to present this material. We have worked with Carrie for over a year now and we can rely on her to be a consistently strong, stable and present force each month as we meet our deadlines. She continues to help us to transform and utilize our website to the fullest extent. Carrie makes great marketing suggestions and tells us about our stats, what is working and what is not as far as readership and response from clients so we can better streamline where we put our focus and energy.

So, truly, without hesitation we would recommend her talents. Carrie is a gem to us!”

Nancy Rebecca, RN and Yvonne Kilcup, RN | Tacoma, Washington, USA | Founders of Intuitive Mind | IntuitiveMind.org

“I was referred to Carrie through my very tech savvy business coach, Kate Sanner. I had high expectations which Carrie met and then some!

Carrie helped me to rebuild my blog site from the ground up. This was a big project for me, on top of keeping my acupuncture practice going. Carrie really reduced my stress level and supported me in making crucial decisions.

– Her experience made the website very functional and up to date.
– She stays on top of the latest and best programs and systems.
– Carrie is skilled at integrating social media, shopping carts, auto-responders, etc.
– Carrie has a great sense of aesthetics. People always comment on how beautiful the site looks. Carrie even created a great logo. I know how much designers charge just for that- Carrie was a bargain.
– Carrie responds quickly (usually immediately) to requests and questions.
– She educated me in many technical areas and gave me tips on how to get the most out of my site. Carrie’s knowledge extends beyond web design. As I move forward with my business, Carrie will be an important member of my team.

It is a pleasure to work with Carrie; she is always upbeat and positive and supportive. I look forward to a long and productive working relationship with her!”

Diane Huey, L.Ac, M.Ac., CLHP | Columbia, Maryland, USA | HueyHealth.com

“Carrie’s extensive knowledge in WordPress, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber and any other web technology amazes me. I’m thankful I have found her as I can always hand off a project to her without worry.

Carrie’s fun and warm personality makes her easy to work with and her desire to get things done excites me as things always get done quickly and efficiently. Hire Carrie, you won’t be disappointed.”

Sandra ‘TechCoach’ De Freitas, CEO of WordPress Blogsites & Author of ‘Does This Make My Blogsite Look Fat?‘ | WordPressBlogsites.com

“I would highly recommend the services provided from the Virtual Inch. Since retaining Carrie’s services, we have been able to completely change our website into a more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing site within a very short time frame.

Carrie’s professionalism, attention to detail and quick response to inquiries is absolutely invaluable. Carrie’s creativity and technical expertise are what makes the Virtual Inch a pleasure to conduct business with!”

Kelly Nash, Executive Director | Paramedic Chiefs of Canada (formerly Emergency Medical Services Chiefs of Canada) | ParamedicChiefs.ca

“I’ve worked with and trained many virtual assistants over the years and knew immediately that Carrie was a VA who stood out from the crowd – even before we ever worked together! In training classes she was one of the few who actively participated in the calls, which to me speaks volumes about her dedication to this profession.

As such when we had a spot open up on our team earlier this year Carrie was one of the first people we approached. She is one of those rare ‘well rounded’ VAs who can essentially take on anything we throw at her (and yes, we’ve thrown her some curveballs).

Everything from general administrative tasks to creating new blogs, Carrie tackles it with gusto and gets the job done everytime. She has truly become a key member of our team, I cringe to think what we would do without her!”

Tina Forsyth, Owner of Online Business Manager & Author of ‘Becoming an Online Business Manager‘ | OnlineBusinessManager.com

“…Carrie and I became acquainted through a virtual skills training program we both attended. During the course of those sessions, Carrie’s stellar technical skills and expertise in WordPress web design (not to mention her great sense of humour and enthusiasm for her work) became very apparent.

I had already determined that a WordPress blog site was the way to go so it either meant another learning curve for me (and when would I ever get around to doing this?), or finding someone to build my site for me. Carrie became my ‘go-to’ person during this decision-making period and was very generous with the information she shared as I consulted with her. After seeing the sites that Carrie had already created and experiencing her profound knowledge and all around good nature & generosity, the decision was easy. I knew I would hire Carrie to create my new site.

I told her my ‘vision’ and voila! she created it. That is not easy to do. She has a flare for this. Now I have my new site, one that I am able to easily maintain and am thrilled with it! I would have to say that Carrie over-delivered and more than met my expectations and would highly recommend her for the design of your blog site. She is a pleasure to work with and provides me with support when needed. Thanks to Carrie’s expertise, I have a beautiful new site that I am so proud of!”

Jennifer Hazlett, Owner | Alternative Admin | AltAdmin.ca

“Carrie Anderson is a professional in all that she does. She has an amazing attention to detail and her work ethic is outstanding. What I most appreciate about Carrie is her above and beyond approach to any and all projects given to her.

Carrie doesn’t give you 100% but 110%. Anyone looking to partner with a VA, should look no further.”

Michelle Jamison, President | MJVA & Associates | MJVA.ca

“Carrie is the kind of person that you want on your team. She is very focused, detail-oriented and dedicated to delivering the best possible product. On a personal level, she has a high degree of integrity as well as a positive, outgoing demeanor.

When you work with Carrie, you can set the bar high and you won’t be disappointed.”

Jill Hume, Senior GIS Analyst

“For the past year, Carrie has been the Managing Editor of our VirtualAssist.ca website. Her creativity and web design skills became evident as the site went through a revamping in design, content, and focus. I appreciate Carrie’s commitment to see a lengthy process through to the end.

Her cheerful and willing attitude makes all the difference in how our committee functions.”

Bev Pederson, Coordinator | Virtual Assistant Certificate, Red Deer College

“Carrie created my website and the experience was nothing short of fabulous. She provided me with suggestions on themes and she was able to interpret my ideas for a logo beautifully. Perhaps, most importantly, Carrie responded to my questions quickly and thoroughly.

I highly recommend Carrie.”

Laurie Cohen, Owner | Cohen Virtual Assistant LLC | CohenVA.com